Low scorers also have good engineering chances

direct admissionThe students who have low percentages or low marks in any subject can also apply in the engineering colleges. Mostly students who score low marks are demoralized and they start feeling inferior than others but I want to tell you that they should not become disappointed but work on their learning as well as reading skills.

We know that people with low marks can also do well in life as knowledge and interest are the two wheels of ones’ career that can take the boat of life to its shore. Sometimes the students are unable to study because of the family problems such financial problem , due to getting ill, having less  which would y to understand or because of not being attentive in class.

Students you just need to revise the taught portions at home and clear all the doubts . You may take help of certain career consultant or get admission in tuitions which would help you to prepare yourself for the admission in different engineering colleges . As per my opinion, if a person has scored low marks in 12th then it is a wiser decision to repeat the session instead of continuing with the less marks because this would help you score higher marks as well as give you opportunity to understand every concepts clearly.

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