B tech as a career in Bengaluru for Jharkhand students

Students of Jharkhand has great opportunity to do Btech as a career in other state of India as jharkhand government Run scholarship program for students who are poor or having category ST SC or OBC quota. The stands of Jharkhand who are looking for admission in Bangalore can contact us as we can provide them scholarship seats, vacant label sheet and management quota seats.

Call our admission expert for admission in B.tech in top engineering college of Bengaluru.

Students from Jharkhand/Bihar can call us : 7209 831 889, WhatsApp :7050 599 189

Office Time : morning 9 o’clock to evening 5 o’clock.

Education is a process of learning. It helps in shaping the mindset of an individual. An individual acquires different kinds of skills, techniques, ideas, habits and even morals and ideals through education. It is a process which never stop.

An individual can educate himself in two ways:

(i) Self learning and

(ii) Institutional learning

Self learning is a lifelong process. Whereas  institutional learning stop after a point of time.

Engineering is the fourth toughest exam in India Civil Service being the first. Institutional duration of Engineering in India is 4 years. There are various engineering streams. Some of them are very important from the point of view of development such as aerospace engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, automobile engineering, mining engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, communication engineering, marine engineering etc. All branches of engineering are highly paid.

Engineering is a very lucrative career but it is also very demanding. In the beginning one has to work very hard in order to grasp the practical dimensions of the subject. Sometimes engineering as a career can be challenging and sometimes it can be adventurous. At times it can be pressurizing but for an individual who is interested in taking up challenges it is a joyful roller coaster ride.

To sum up engineering as a career can be anything. It depends upon the mindset of the individual. The subject matter of engineering is always changing. Since it is a science it keep on adding new concepts and deleting the old one. Hence engineer need to acquaint himself with the new concepts. An engineer should be ever ready to learn new methods and techniques. He should have a sense of innovation and dedication.

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