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Education System in Jharkhand

jharkhand AdmissionJharkhand is a bit big state of India .It comprise of many small towns and apart from all small towns the education system lacks .With time Jharkhand produced many smart cities and towns but there are still many such towns and small villages which are unaware of the word education . The children of those villages haven’t seen the education scenario.
Reasons why education lacks in Jharkhand

  • All the villages and small towns have been ignored and paid no heed to the education system of them.
  • Education centers are basically far away from the poor villagers.
  • No such educational buildings are built for villagers.
  • Lack of educational Awareness .
  • Lack of Guidance .
  • Lack of Willingness.
  • Lack of economy.

Percentage of women securing well education in Jharkhand is very less in compare to those of men.
Many student don’t have the proper knowledge of their higher education .
Due to lack of these knowledge they fails to secure correct higher education
For the betterment in field of education system Jharkhand took initiative and  has formed the Jharkhand Academic Council and Jharkhand Education Project Council to promote and foster higher education in the state.

Jharkhand Education Project Council

The Jharkhand Education Project Council popularly known as JEPC has been entrusted with the responsibility of fostering elementary education in the state. Vital education programs like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, National Program of Education for Girls at Elementary Level or NPEGEL, and Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya or KGBV are taken care of by this council.
Jharkhand Academic Council
JAC or Jharkhand Academic Council was set up so that it could look into matters related to organizing examinations for Sanskrit, Madrasa, Secondary as well as Intermediate levels.
The council is also responsible for working out the course structure for these examinations. Education system in Jharkhand.

Child of age 5 and above are eligible of enrollment in Schools. The education system in Jharkhand provides three tiers of education they are- school , college , and university. The schools of Jharkhand are affiliated to CBSC or ICSE board.
The government of Jharkhand ensures that compulsory and free primary education will be available to the children of Jharkhand up to 14 years.
As government of Jharkhand took initiative to change the education scenario .
We could now easily see the result of the initiative taken by government of Jharkhand by comparing the percentage of students enrolled in schools and colleges in previous few years back.
Now the %of students enrolling in primary schools is about 95,and on the other hand it was just 54 between the years 1993 and 1994
Similarly secondary education system of Jharkhand is also in the high pace of development..

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